1. Bags are not allowed at the reading desks. They are to be left at an area designated for them at the entrance of the Library.
  2. All valuables (which include but not limited to the following: cash, cell phones, iPods, i-pads, cameras, laptop computers, watches, jewelries, etc.), in a bag must be removed by the owner. (It must be noted that the Library would not be responsible in case of loss of any item either through theft or any other means. Therefore, users of the Library is advised not to leave any valuables in their bags at the front desk.) 
  3. Patrons are not to enter the Library with any sharp implements like blades or knives. Uniform Security personnel at the entrance has the authority to search any patron for such objects.
  4. Patrons are required to show all books in their possession to the Library personnel at the front desk when entering or exiting the Library. Where a Security personnel is present he or she has the duty to search through a patron’s bag or files when exiting the Library premises.

Access Point (Library Management System)

The Library uses an in-house automation system that allows access to materials in the Library through the local area network.
The Library’s App (TTS App) downloaded on an Android phone enables access to the Library’s catalogue worldwide.