Academic Programs

Master of Theology (MTh)

Master of Theology Programme

Welcome to Trinity Theological Seminary's Master of Theology (MTh) program! Our MTh program is designed to provide advanced theological education that integrates academic rigour with practical ministry application. 

Aims of the Programme

Our program aims to:

- Integrate theological studies with ministry work, fostering a connection between academia and practical application.

- Equip ministers, church leaders, and members with advanced skills to fulfil their roles effectively and develop innovative ministries in a dynamic world.

- Create a research-oriented environment to contribute to theological discourse in Ghana, Africa, and beyond.

- Encourage diverse theological perspectives to enrich both the Seminary and the Church with responsible theological thought and action.


Objectives of the Programme

Upon completion of the Master of Theology program, students will:

1. Be prepared to engage with complex Christian themes accurately, grounded in biblical revelation.

2. Possess the ability to teach theology at tertiary institutions or undertake leadership roles in the Church and society that demand advanced theological and scholarly education.

At Trinity Theological Seminary, we are committed to providing a comprehensive theological education that prepares our students for impactful ministry and scholarly engagement. Join us in pursuing theological excellence and innovation in service to the Church and society.


For a complete overview of degree requirements, please see the course catalogue.