Mission & Vision

Brief History

Trinity Theological Seminary stands as the foremost Ecumenical Theological Tertiary Institution in Ghana and the wider West African sub-region. Established in 1942, it emerged as a collaborative effort in ministerial training by three original sponsoring churches: the Methodist Church of Ghana, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, of Ghana. Later, in 1967, the joint Anglican Diocese Council of Ghana, now the Accra Diocese, joined the initial three, followed by the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

Situated on a picturesque 70-acre campus, just seven miles from the heart of Accra, Trinity Theological Seminary offers an ideal and tranquil environment conducive to study, meditation, and personal growth. Over the years, Trinity has expanded its reach to embrace non-sponsoring churches, ensuring that clergy and leaders from diverse denominational backgrounds receive quality theological training. Today, Trinity's student body reflects a rich cross-cultural tapestry, with international students and visiting lecturers from various corners of the globe.

Statement of Purpose

Trinity Theological Seminary is dedicated to providing Christian training, teaching, and spiritual guidance to individuals who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Personal Savior. Our core objectives include:

  • Educating men and women for ordained ministry.
  • Equipping church workers for continuous personal and professional growth.
  • Offering professional and academic theological programs to qualified candidates, empowering them to utilize their gifts both within and outside the church.
  • Serving as a theological research center, particularly for clergy and laity seeking to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith.