a.     Trinity Theological Seminary (TTS) is an ecumenical seminary founded in 1942.  Its core function is to provide holistic training for pastors and lay leaders to serve in the churches in Ghana, the West Africa sub-region and beyond. TTS is basically an institution for ministerial and spiritual formation that endeavours to offer training in pastoral, personal and Christian leadership for church and society.

b.      The Seminary also offers the additional privilege of serious academic education in theology, ministry, church administration and Christian leadership. 

c.     TTS, as one of the oldest tertiary institutions in West Africa and one of only a few fully-accredited private Ghanaian institutions of higher learning, has always aimed at academic and moral excellence in training qualified personnel for our churches and the theological academy. 

d.     TTS is a Seminary sponsored by churches with a strong evangelical heritage and so it reserves the right to exclude candidates and faculty who do not subscribe to basic Christian beliefs as outlined in the Judeo-Christian scriptures and the historic Christian creeds.