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Diploma in Theology (Dip.Th.)

Diploma in Theology


Trinity Theological Seminary offers a comprehensive Diploma in Theology program designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary for effective ministry in diverse contexts. Rooted in a rich tradition of Christian scholarship and practice, our program integrates rigorous academic study with practical ministry training to prepare graduates for leadership roles in churches, ministries, and other Christian organisations.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Diploma in Theology program, students will;

Demonstrate a solid understanding of Biblical texts: Students will have a comprehensive knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments, including key themes, historical contexts, and theological concepts.


Apply critical thinking skills to theological issues: Students will be able to analyze and evaluate theological concepts, arguments, and interpretations using sound reasoning and critical thinking skills.


Communicate effectively: Students will develop strong oral and written communication skills, enabling them to articulate complex theological ideas clearly and persuasively in various contexts.


Integrate theory and practice: Students will integrate theoretical knowledge with practical ministry skills, demonstrating an ability to apply theological insights to real-world ministry situations


Demonstrate cultural sensitivity: Students will develop an awareness of cultural diversity and sensitivity to the needs and perspectives of diverse communities, enabling them to engage in cross-cultural ministry effectively.


Exhibit ethical leadership: Students will demonstrate ethical leadership qualities, including integrity, compassion, and a commitment to social justice, in their ministry practice.


Engage in lifelong learning: Students will cultivate a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth, continuing to deepen their theological understanding and ministry skills throughout their careers.

Degree Requirements

To earn a Diploma in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary, students must complete a minimum of 72 credit hours of coursework, including core courses in Bible, theology, pastoral ministry, ethics, and missions, as well as elective courses in specialised areas of study. In addition to academic coursework, students are required to participate in practical ministry experiences and engage in reflective practices to integrate theory and practice. Students must also meet specific entry requirements for admission, including grade C6 or better in three core subjects in the West Africa Senior High School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) or equivalent qualifications. Graduation requirements include satisfactory completion of all coursework, meeting minimum GPA requirements, and fulfilling any additional program-specific requirements as determined by the faculty. Upon successful completion of all requirements, students will be awarded a Diploma in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary. For a complete overview of degree requirements, please see the course catalogue.