Academic Programs

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Program Overview


Trinity Theological Seminary offers a comprehensive Master of Divinity (MDiv) program designed to prepare students for effective ministry leadership in diverse contexts. Rooted in a strong foundation of biblical, theological, and practical training, this three-year program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual formation necessary for faithful and effective service in the Church and the world.



Program Structure


The Master of Divinity program is structured to provide students with a holistic education that integrates rigorous academic study, research, practical training, and spiritual formation. The program consists of four key components:


Core Courses: Students will engage in a rigorous academic curriculum covering various disciplines, including Bible, theology, history, ethics, and practical theology. These core courses provide students with a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills essential for ministry leadership.


Research Component: As part of the program, students will undertake a substantial research project known as the Project Work. This project, worth 6 credit hours, involves independent research and writing on a topic of the student's choosing, under the guidance of a faculty supervisor.


Practical Training: Students will participate in practical training experiences, including two long vacation Practical Attachment (Practicum) sessions, designed to provide hands-on ministry experience and enhance practical skills development.


Semester-by-Semester Schedule: The program is structured over three academic years (six semesters), with a maximum course load of 21 credit hours per semester. Each semester, students will take courses from various categories, including General Prerequisites, Bible, History and Missions, Systematic Theology, Christian Ethics and Philosophy, Study of Religions, Practical Theology, and Free Electives.

Entry requirements for admission of students:

 The minimum qualifications of candidates for the MDiv degree shall be a minimum of a good first degree (Second class or better), or higher degrees in any field of study from a recognized accredited tertiary institution. All persons seeking admission into this program must submit completed application forms (a copy of which can be obtained from the TTS General Office) on or before March 31 to be considered for admission in September of the same year.


Graduation Requirements


To graduate from the Master of Divinity program, students must fulfil the following requirements:

 All Master of Divinity students require 108 credit hours of taught courses, plus ten (10) credit hours of Practicum and six (6) credits of Project Work, making a total of 134 credit hours to graduate.

Assessment Regulations:

Provide details of:

a.     Students’ performance and achievement:

b.    Mode of certification:

c.     The certificate awarding institution: Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon


Upon fulfilling all graduation requirements, students will be awarded a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Theological Seminary, certifying their readiness for ministry leadership.




If you are called to ministry and desire to deepen your theological understanding and practical skills, we invite you to apply to the Master of Divinity program at Trinity Theological Seminary. Join a community of passionate learners dedicated to serving God and others through faithful and effective ministry leadership.


For a complete overview of degree requirements, please see the course catalogue.