Courtesy and Noise Policy

The Library Courtesy and Noise Policy apply to zones within the library as described below.

Social Zones – Group meetings or individual conversations on cell phones can be done on the verandahs of the Library both on the ground floor and the first floor.

Active Zones – Library transactions can go on at the front desk; shortened, quiet discussions and conversations allowed; No cell phone use allowed.

Collaborative Zones – Keep noise to a minimum; Cell phones may be used. These zones include the under-listed spaces:

  1. Office of the Director of Library Services
  2. Staff Offices (Technical Services Section)
  3. Faculty Offices
  4. Washrooms

Silent Zones – No conversation or discussion allowed; No cell phone use allowed

  1. Reference Reading Room ground floor
  2. Reference Reading Room first floor
  3. Graduate section first floor
  4. Center for the Study of Christianity in Africa (CESCA) housed in the Library premises.

Food and Beverage Policy

Food and beverages are permitted in the Library under the following guidelines:

  1. Food is permitted only in the staff offices and faculty offices.
  2. Persons with food allergies need to be aware that food with allergens is consumed in these places and may be present in other areas of the Library.
  3. Beverages in closed or sealed containers are permitted throughout the library with the exception of the ICT Centre and CESCA.
  4. Drinking water is allowed anywhere in the library in a plastic bottle. However, sachet water, also called pure water, is not allowed anywhere in the Library.