• Title:

    Easter Reflections

  • Location:

    TTS Campus

  • Start Date:

    25 March 2024

  • End Date:

    27 March 2024

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Event Description

As we approach Easter, it's a time for reflection and renewal, a moment to ponder the significance of resurrection in our lives. Easter isn't just about bunnies and chocolate eggs; it's a profound symbol of hope, rebirth, and transformation.


In the Easter story, we find the ultimate triumph of light over darkness, of life over death. It's a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there's always the possibility of new beginnings and redemption.


For many, Easter serves as a spiritual awakening, prompting us to contemplate our own journey of growth and renewal. It's a time to let go of past burdens, to forgive, and to embrace the promise of a brighter tomorrow.


Amidst the celebrations and festivities, let's not forget the deeper significance of Easter. Whether you observe it through religious rituals or personal introspection, may this Easter be a time of deep reflection, gratitude, and renewal for all.